Metromare between Riccione and Rimini

Move from the center of Riccione to the center of Rimini in a few minutes

Last Christmas the new Metromare made its first ride and in these days 3 new trolleybuses are being tested. Now it is easier to move from Riccione station to Rimini station: there are buses every 20 minutes, from 6:30 in the morning until 21:00.

The Metromare, with a low environmental impact, stops at 15 intermediate stations: the one near the Hotel Viscount is the D’Annunzio Nord stop.

The cost is the same as the historic bus line n. 11: € 1.30 to travel within Riccione, to Miramare station, and € 2.10 to get to Rimini. The complete route takes 25 minutes, while it takes just a few minutes to reach Riccione Station!


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