Pets Welcome

Are you looking for an hotel that allows pets in Riccione? At the Hotel Viscount dogs are welcome! Not only dogs (of all sizes), but cats also are … not simply accepted, but welcome. Of course your pets have to be raised and used to live at home.

Of course the rooms in which they are hosted will be subject to a more thorough cleaning: extended aeration, complete change of blankets and bedspread, floor and furniture cleaned with specific products.


No problem if you want to have breakfast in the yard with your dog: you can access from the outside to the breakfast terrace, without crossing the breakfast room.

Do you want to eat with your dog even during meals? For lunch and dinner we can set the table on the terrace of the restaurant, but the places are limited and therefore we ask you to book them in advance; in case of bad weather we have still an alternative solution, but for only 1 table.

We can provide you for free the doggy bag, Do you prefer a dedicated service? Take our Pet-package, that includes:

  • a small welcome toy;
  • a bowl for food;
  • the favorite food of your friend: dry (dog food) or moist diet (pasta or rice with chicken or fish).

The costs depends by the size of your friends.


If you need, we can also recommend you:

  • a professional dog sitter;
  • a groomer of confidence;
  • a good veterinary with phone assistance 24 h and cutting-edge medical equipment.


The three nearby beaches affiliated with us with formulas All Inclusive and Sprint – Beach 125, Beach 126 and Beach 130 – are equipped with dog areas (of medium size, up to 36 Kg., the Beach 125 and of small and small-medium size, up to about 20 Kg, the other beaches).

The bigger dogs, unfortunately, are not allowed on the beach, but there are green spaces and running-areas not far from the hotel (we will indicate them on the map of Riccione).

Important: don’t forget to bring with you the vaccination booklet of your furry friend, in order to have access at the beach with him!

I remind you that for a rule of the USL and harbor-office, dogs are not allowed to swim into the sea in any beach of the Rimini Province, except in the areas and at the times authorized by a specific Municipal Ordinance.

Since last summer, finally, the dogs in Riccione can swim, but only early in the morning (from 6 am to 7.30) and evening (from 19 to sunset) in only 3 authorized beaches (the nearest to us is next to Beach 132).