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Riccione:historical villas and museum of town

A walking in the inusual side of Riccione...
Riccione began to be known as a tourist destination famous all over the world in the period between the late '800 and early 1900. In those years were built several Art Nouveau villas: some hosting, today, museums and cultural sites , while others have become luxury hotel. For more information visit

Route from sea to mountain
Surely you've already walked in viale Ceccarini and admired its premises and luxury shops. After the railway through the underpassage, there is a boulevard along with villas and Liberty-style; Also you can linger to watch the theater, Space Tondelli and the Arboretum Cicchetti, then you get to Riccione country, the old historic village with shops, the Municipal Library and the Museum of the Territory. Here on Wednesday evening, in the summer, there is the "Movida de Pais": the whole neighborhood participates to enliven this part of town.
If you are not tired, go up the hill to reach the Agolanti Castle, former residence of the family Agolanti, vassals of the Malatesta. This is today location of exhibitions and cultural events, but in 1657 in his rooms slept Queen Christina of Sweden. The address is: via Caprera (Tel. 0541 608 283).

One afternoon at the Museum of the territory: small but interesting museum, traces the area's history and its transformation from natural and uninhabited to urbanized. The visit can follow six paths: origin and evolution of life on Earth; minerals, rocks and fossils; traces of man on earth; Neolithic and Copper Age; Bronze Age; Roman conquest and colonization.
The address is Via Lazio 10 (Tel. 0541 600113), at the Civic Center of Pesa (where there is also the Public Library). Admission is free, one night a week there is a free guided tour.


  • Hotel Viscount Riccione
    Viale Goldoni, 10 Riccione, (RN)

    Tel. +39.0541.641533
    Cell. +39.329.8821972
    P.IVA  02601200401


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